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Five Essential Spring Makeup Updates

by Maryse

Your Makeup Bag Transitioning from winter to spring can be difficult, especially when you have become attached to some of your favorite winter beauty products. These five beauty updates are essential for the rising temperatures. Tinted Moisturizer Many women reach for full coverage foundation during the wintertime, but this is not always the most practical […]

Makeup Tips for Hooded Eyes

by Maryse

Hooded eyes are one of the most common eye shapes and also one of the most difficult to work with. Makeup tips that work for people with non-hooded eyes will only make a hooded eyelid look smaller and even more pushed back. By using these five application tips, you will be able to show off […]

8 Ways to Care for Curly or Wavy Hair

by Maryse

How to care for your curly hairstyle. For those of you not blessed with naturally curly hair, it can be made using a curling iron, or hot rollers, it doesn’t matter how you create your curls, but it is worth the effort to keep them looking their best once you have. Here are eight suggestions […]

Base Coat Nail Polish

by Maryse

Base coats are an often forgotten part of many people’s manicures and pedicures. For some, applying a base coat seems like an unnecessary waste of time, while for others it’s a practice that they’ve never put much thought into one way or the other. No matter what your reason, if you haven’t been applying a […]