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Bridal Hairstyles

by Maryse

A wedding is a celebration of love, friendship, and new beginnings. It’s one of the most important days of your life. And for many brides, it’s a chance to curate a beautiful, unforgettable event based on her personal style. She is princess for the day, and her wedding look will be immortalized in hundreds of […]

Makeup Tips for Hooded Eyes

by Maryse

Hooded eyes are one of the most common eye shapes and also one of the most difficult to work with. Makeup tips that work for people with non-hooded eyes will only make a hooded eyelid look smaller and even more pushed back. By using these five application tips, you will be able to show off […]

Simple ways to keep skin soothed and hydrated through this winter

by Maryse

From harsh winds to frigid temperatures, winter is full of dry skin hazards and some are more obvious than others. Fortunately for cold climate dwellers, there are several delightfully simple ways to keep skin soothed and hydrated through the coldest months of the year. Exfoliate Properly One of the worst winter skin offenders is dry, […]

Cutting Method for CURLY or Wavy Hair

by Maryse

En Vogue Salon Cutting Method for CURLY or Wavy Hair When it comes to working with curls, at En Vogue Salon, we use the cutting method “slice and point cutting. This technique allows the curls to move more freely. Our method is also versatile for the times you want to be able to smooth out your […]