From harsh winds to frigid temperatures, winter is full of dry skin hazards and some are more obvious than others. Fortunately for cold climate dwellers, there are several delightfully simple ways to keep skin soothed and hydrated through the coldest months of the year.

Exfoliate Properly

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One of the worst winter skin offenders is dry, flaky skin caused by a lack of moisture. Dead skin makes it impossible for a moisturizer to fully penetrate the skin and take effect, so getting rid of it should be the first line of defense in any winter skincare routine. A gentle exfoliating brush can be paired with a hydrating cleanser for two-in-one dry skin recovery. The brush’s gentle bristles remove dead skin cells and excess oils, leaving behind a smooth, clean surface for moisturizers to absorb into.

Use the Right Products

It comes as no surprise that moisturizing is essential for keeping dry winter skin at bay, but most people don’t realize that other skincare products play a vital role as well. Cleansers set the stage for any skincare routine and should be chosen carefully. A harsh cleanser can strip away the skin’s vital oils, which either leads the skin to overproduce oils in an effort to compensate or to become dry and flaky. Choose a hydrating cleanser that uses natural plant extracts to infuse skin with moisture while cleansing. Once the skin has been properly cleansed, follow up with an ultra-hydrating moisturizer that offers a combination of benefits for maximum effectiveness.

Take Shorter Showers

While a nice hot shower is a soothing way to relax after a day spent out in the cold, it’s also a major dry skin culprit. Reduce the amount of time spent in the shower, or reduce the water temperature, to save skin from its drying effects. Ten minutes is a good maximum time limit to prevent over drying.

Use a Humidifier

Portrait of a beautiful bride in winter in park

Beautiful bride in winter in park

When most people think of dry skin causes, they think of the harsh air outside the home. In reality, a dry indoor climate where people spend most of their time during the colder months does even more damage to the skin. A humidifier is a simple device that releases enough hydrating steam to fill a room. Humidifiers are commonly used to soothe irritated airways during a cold, but they are equally effective at providing a constant source of moisture for dry, damaged skin.

These dry skin solutions may be simple, but they will keep skin looking and feeling smooth throughout even the harshest winter weather. From choosing the right winter skincare products to creating the perfect canvas for them to work on, recognizing that skincare needs change with the seasons is the secret to keeping skin hydrated and glowing all year long.