Fashion and beauty don’t always have a “one size fits all”

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Monica has a cool complexions

You’ve probably noticed that the dress that looks amazing on the mannequin doesn’t always flatter you. When you try your friend’s signature lipstick, you may discover that the color just makes you look tired and dull. One of the simplest, most effective ways to boost your personal style is to start choosing colors that flatter your skin’s undertones.

There are three general types of undertones, including warm, cool, and neutral. Warm complexions tend to have olive, peach, or golden hints. Cool complexions feature elegant notes of pink or blue. Those with neutral complexions have a blend of different undertones, falling somewhere on the spectrum between pure warmth and pure coolness.

Desire has a warm complexions

The veins visible on the inside of your arm can help you find your skin’s undertones. Study these veins in direct sunlight and ascertain whether they’re blue, yellow, or blue-green. Blue means a cool complexion, yellow hints at a warm complexion, and green-tinted veins mean you have neutral undertones. Alternately, hold a piece of gold jewelry and a piece of silver jewelry right next to your skin. If gold brings out your skin’s best qualities, you probably have a warm complexion. Silver flatters cool undertones. If both gold and silver look equally good on you, it means you have a neutral complexion.

Once you’ve identified your skin’s undertones, you can select makeup and clothing items that highlight your complexion. Warm undertones truly benefit from earthy shades. Rust, burgundy, rich brown, olive green, and mustard yellow are some of the colors that are likely to enhance your overall look.

If your skin’s undertones tend towards the cool side of the spectrum, opt for either bright or pastel shades. Lavender, mauve, soft gray, and baby blue are lovely options. When you want to go bold, jewel tones tend to flatter your skin more effectively than earthy tones. Royal blue, true red, and rich purple will most likely enhance your complexion.

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Angela has neutral complexions

Those with neutral undertones are lucky. You can play up your neutral complexion with a blend of shades, both warm and cool. Unsurprisingly, you’ll most likely be able to get away with neutral colors. Black or white are almost always smart options.

Complementing your skin’s undertones doesn’t have to make you feel limited. It’s fine to play around with color. For example, if you have a warm complexion and your favorite color is pink, you don’t have to ditch pink and wear maroon all the time. Just opt for red-based coral pinks instead of more vivid blue-based pinks. By experimenting with colors that flatter your skin’s undertones, you can make your clothing, accessories, haircolor and makeup truly work for your natural beauty.