Hooded eyes are one of the most common eye shapes and also one of the most difficult to work with. Makeup tips that work for people with non-hooded eyes will only make a hooded eyelid look smaller and even more pushed back. By using these five application tips, you will be able to show off the natural beauty of your hooded eyes.

Highlight Right

If you have the typical, almond-shaped eyes, you want to use only a small amount of your highlight shade, to avoid giving yourself “crazy eyes.” For Beautiful woman model with fashion makeup, wavy hairstylehooded eyes, however, your natural eye shape looks closed off and small. By packing your highlight into your inner corner and the inner third of your eyelid, you can immediately give yourself that wide-awake look, even when you’re running on nothing but Starbucks and hope.

Lift the Line

Hooded eyes often look downturned and can make your eyes look sunken into your skull. Lift them up with some properly placed eyeliner. Apply a matte powder to your eyelid to control the oil, then give yourself a classic winged liner. Be sure to hold your eyelid up while the liner dries, though, or it will smear when your hood sits on your eyelid. This tip will leave you with beautiful, lifted eyes that no longer make you look like you’re melting.

Sultry Shadow

Unless you have been truly blessed by the makeup gods, you have probably struggled with creating smoky eyes. This is even harder if you have hooded eyes, which naturally eat up eyeshadow and make your eyes look dull. The key is to cut your crease higher than where the actual crease is. Apply your darker shadow above your natural crease, then blend it out. This will stop your hood from hiding all of your hard work and make your eyes sexy enough to make Mila Kunis jealous.beautiful woman bride with tiara on head on bright background

Shine Bright

Finally, there is an upside to having hooded eyes. While sparkly eyeshadows will often age women, they have the opposite effect on those with natural hoods. By placing a shimmering shade on your lids, it will create a fresh and natural glow on your eyes that sits perfectly without seeming cheap or flashy. Rock your bright, natural eyes and enjoy the privileges that come with a hooded eye shape.

Naturally Nude

It can be easy to overpower your natural eye shape even with simple makeup, so be careful when trying to do a “nude” eye. While other shapes can pack on the neutral shades, hooded eyes are best off with light shadow and thin liner. Tightline your upper lashes with a waterproof pencil, add a neutral shade just above your crease, and apply a light coat of mascara. This will give your eyes that natural, vibrant look without smothering them in shadow.

Whatever your eye shape, you deserve to show them off. Unfortunately, common makeup tips will only hide the natural beauty of your hooded eyes. Use these tips to make the most of your eye shape and show the world how vibrant and bold your hooded eyes can be.