Choosing the right shampoo and conditioner will help to get shine hair. Select professional shampoos and conditioners design for your hair texture. If your hair is of a fine texture, we recommend to shampoo every other day, while normal to coarse hair needs to be shampoo twice a week. Following the shampoo use a distribute the conditioner to the ends of your hair, to give further shine, always rinse for 3 minutes’ finish rinsing with cold water to close the hair cuticle. Use a Wet hairbrush to run effortlessly through hair, entangling without pulling or tugging leaving you with smooth shiny hair.


Humidity in the air on a hot day can also have a dulling effect on your hair. Fight frizz by making sure that any dampness from your hair is gone before you leave the house. I recommend to my clients to use a thermal spray follow by using a flat iron on the hair that frames the face to remove any extra moisture and give your hair additional shine.
Whether hair is straight, wavy, curly or kinky, it can look sleek and naturally shiny if it’s in great condition. Protect your hair by using the Wet hairbrush that doesn’t ravage your hair. By following these simple guidelines, you too can be on your way to beautiful and naturally shiny hair.