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How to Enhance your Brown hair?

by Maryse

Hair color is about style and harmony Brown hair color can be magnificent, just by adding subtly highlighting or a  balayage to  your natural brown hair, the hair looks richer and shinier. It will immediately brighten your face and provide a more dimensional harmony to your hair color and haircut. Placement of highlights. A professional […]

Find Out What is Your Facial Shape

by Maryse

Knowing the Shape of your Face Pursuits like finding a haircut that suits you or applying makeup correctly can often seem as complex as learning a new language, and if you’ve recently taken an interest in cosmetics and beauty, you may not be completely sure where to begin.  Luckily there is a clear starting point […]

Cutting Method for CURLY or Wavy Hair

by Maryse

En Vogue Salon Cutting Method for CURLY or Wavy Hair When it comes to working with curls, at En Vogue Salon, we use the cutting method “slice and point cutting. This technique allows the curls to move more freely. Our method is also versatile for the times you want to be able to smooth out your […]

Makeup Application Tips

by Maryse

To achieve the best look while applying any kind of makeup, it is always a good idea to consider the shape of your face. This is especially true when it comes to applying blush. Whether we are talking about a long, round, square, or oval shaped face, there are a few tips that can help […]