A wedding is a celebration of love, friendship, and new beginnings. It’s one of the most important days of your life. And for many brides, it’s a chance to curate a beautiful, unforgettable event based on her personal style. She is princess for the day, and her wedding look will be immortalized in hundreds of photographs.

Of course, hair and makeup are the exquisite icing on top of the cake. Bridal beauty has changed a lot over the years. More than ever, today’s hair and makeup crazes reflect the bride’s taste and the unique ambiance of her wedding. They range from classical glamour to beach chic to pixie-dust precious. Here are three of the hottest trends in the wedding world:

Girls just wanna have buns

            Beautiful bride with an updo bun

Today’s brides are buzzing about this modern re-imagining of the beehive trend. Long hair gets swept up into a large, sleek upright bun, ideal for accessorizing with bejeweled hair clips, veils, tiaras, and more. A bride can display her neck and profile with this fabulous trend, creating a queenly silhouette as she walks down the aisle

Chasin’ waterfalls

Waterfalls Hairstyle

It’s easy to see why waterfall braids are such a popular choice among brides with long hair. They are very easy to create and the effect is stunning. A braid crown gives way to long, cascading waves (or curls!) for a look worthy of a princess. If you want to tie your hair up for the big day, but you also want to show off your Rapunzel locks, waterfall braids are the perfect “half-up, half-down” compromise.

                                                                                                              Bride and bloom

Bohemian Romantique Hairstyle

Mother knows best–Mother Nature, that is. Brides are going bohemian with this whimsical trend that suits all hair lengths and styles. A crown of roses spices up a pixie cut. Flowering vines twist through a braid. Sprigs of baby’s breath decorate flowing curls. No matter how much sweat goes into your updo, a well-placed splash of nature will give it the appearance of carefree grace.